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    Bad breath, body odor, constipation, diarrhea, being overweight…these are all signs that the colon is not working the way it should. If the body’s sewer system is backed up, toxins are leaking into the blood stream causing foul odor and constipating other body systems.  This brings sickness and disease. In fact, 90 percent of all diseases start in the colon. Before your body can heal, you must first cleanse your system and heal your bowels. Then and only then, can disease, filth, and toxic waste be eliminated efficiently and throughly, bringing you health and energy.

    Today’s diet is full of foods that do not break down easily and can adhere themselves to the colon wall paralyzing the bowel. In addition to the toxic waste buildup there is the additional problem that desperately needed nutrients are not being adequately absorbed into the blood stream. Cleaning up our diet is critical and the first step towards healing from any disease. An individual on the average American diet is absorbing less than 10 percent of the nutrients from what they eat. Compound this with the low nutrient foods they are eating and we find they are in a constant mode of starvation and their body is continually sending out hunger signals that are never filled. When we eliminate mucus forming foods and heal and tone our bowels we can increase that assimilation drastically. We are getting quality nutrients into the body, equalizing our weight and having much more energy to live the kind of life we desire.

    So where to start? For the next 30 days, try following a plan like the one below and see if you don’t begin to have twice the energy and feel half the age you are now. You might like how you feel enough to keep going!

    1 – Go off all diary, eggs, and gluten

    I know, I know…I’m messing with the sacred cow. Here me out. These things glue themselves to the sides of the colon wall paralyzing the bowel and keeping your body from absorbing nutrients needed to heal. Eat foods that are easy to digest with lots of nutrition. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc.

    2 – Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula - 

    This is my all time favorite herbal formula for the bowel. It has transformed my life. It may sound dramatic but it is the truth. This is an herbal formula that is literally food/medicine for the bowel. Start with 2 capsules two times a day and work up until you are having 2-3 (or more) comfortable and not strained bowel movements a day.

    3 – Peppermint Tea 

    (drink 1-3 cups a day)- GREAT for bowels and yummy

    4 – Slippery Elm 

    Mix Slippery Elm powder with water to a semi-thin consistency. You may sweeten it with cinnamon and honey if you life. It is very pleasant to the taste and an incredible healer for the bowels. Take one tablespoon of this gruel, up to a cup (or 4 capsules if you prefer) every waking hour.

    I make a bowl of this Slippery elm gruel and leave it on the counter and take a big tablespoon every time I walk into the kitchen. When I can’t do it anymore I take capsules for awhile.

    5 – Drink fresh carrot juice every day

    Carrot juice is a MIRACLE bowel healer. In 2009 my grandmother was checked into the hospital for bowel complications. In just a few days she had fallen to the brink of death. The family was called in to say goodbye and she was checked into hospice. I came with my juicer in tow and after a week of fresh carrot juice and slippery elm she was out of bed and within a month she was out of hospice and back to living on her own. If you are drinking a LOT of it it can cause nausea at first because of the amount of toxins your body is dumping at once. Keeping bowels open and working should quickly resolve this issue. The Peppermint tea will help with the nausea. For maximum results, swish each mouthful to mix it with saliva before you swallow. Swishing or chewing aids digestion and absorption of nutrients.

    Other things to consider:

    • Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, etc.), raw nuts, vegetable soup, etc (provides fiber to keep bowels functioning). Lots of times diarrhea actually comes from extreme constipation. If your bowels are paralyzed and ulcerated they are not breaking down your food properly. When your bowel gets a hold of any food that is cleansing in nature it tries to dump as fast as it can. As you detox and heal, the diarrhea will disappear.
    • Fresh juices – provide desperately needed nutrients that your bowels can soak up easily without having to digest first.
    • Take a non dairy probiotic daily to replace the friendly flora in your bowels.
    • Ginger is great for the bowels (drink ginger tea when you are tired of peppermint)
    • Cayenne – increases blood flow to the bowel bringing oxygen and life so that it can heal itself.  Start SLOWLY with 1/8 tsp stirred in a cup of water morning and night. You can work up to 1 tsp morning and night. It also has the incredible ability to stop bleeding from the ulcerated tissue. It might cause nausea the first week you take it so start slowly. Personal experience has taught me to NOT drink it right before doing something active (wait about 20 minutes)

    Treat yourself as well a you do your car. Give your body a tune up, clean out your pipes and feel like a new person. Your body will thank you!

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  • Maxoyd11

    Great information, what a powerful testimony about your grandmother. This is a lovely site, will definitely be back!


  • Traci Sellers

    Awesome Article! I loved the Grandmother testimonial. I feel the same way about slippery elm, I can take it for a while, and then it gets, well, too slippery. 
    Thanks for your info!

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