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My name is Terri Johnson. I am a 40…something…year old wife and mother. I have five beautiful children ranging from 17 down to 9 years old. In the last few years, my life has changed dramatically and I have a desire to share what I have learned and am learning with everyone I can.

February of 2009 found me overweight, tired, sluggish, and in constant pain. At my worst I was averaging 2-3 migraines a week and my neck and shoulders hurt so badly that I would wake up paralyzed in the middle of the night. I would have to take my left hand, slide it under my neck and move to a different position. I was seriously getting concerned for my health and the quality of my life as a mom. How can you be a good mom when all you can do is take a pain pill and go lie down until the migraine goes away?

Another motivation for change is my sweet Katie. She is my eight year old daughter with Down’s syndrome. Katie was constantly sick with chronic sinus and ear infections. We were in the Doctor’s office every other week for another round of antibiotics. I knew they were hard on her little body and began searching for another way.

Eventually I decided to jump into natural healing with both feet. I looked around and ended up signing up with the School of Natural Healing Online. From the day I started my first class I have not looked back and our lives are so much better. I have lost 30+ pounds and weigh less than when I got married. My husband lost over 50 pounds. My headaches are very rare and Katie has not been to the doctor in years.

Why Roots of Healthy Living?

I chose Roots of Healthy Living because I love the imagery of getting back to our roots, and recapturing the health that our grandparents and great grandparents enjoyed. Eating produce from the garden, making a cup of chamomile tea, in general, finding empowerment to take our health back. This is the goal I have for this blog.

I can’t wait to start sharing everything I have learned so far and what I continue to learn everyday with all of you! I hope to share through this blog some of our incredible experiences (and difficulties) in trying to change our lifestyle. It’s not easy to change but it is worth it!

Testimonial Page

Before browsing the blog, I hope you will start out at the Testimonial Page. I wrote a letter several months back to the School of Natural Healing sharing with them some of our experiences.


What would a blog be without comments from the readers. Please share your thoughts, comments, questions, and experiences with the rest of us!

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My Sweet Katie

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